NBA Live Mobile Review – Get Caught Hook, Line, And Sinker

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For those of you that are addicted to sports and have a love for gaming as well, there is good news in the form of the NBA Live Mobile game. With the high popularity that basketball enjoys among the young crowd across the globe cutting across all boundaries, it is little wonder that the game has had an instant climb on the popularity charts. Coming from the EA SPORTS, the game allows players to be at the game all three sixty-five days of the year.


A fast-paced game layout


The game is a 5-on-5 action based one that can be played on the two widely used mobile platforms the Android 3.2 and up and the iOS.

  • The game is based on the real NBA Live games with the direct links to the latest news and the events that are taking place there.
  • This enables the gamers to launch into the action with their team members during the season pounding across like their favorites and getting more inspired about the game.
  • It is one the games that belong to the fast-paced genre that can be played and controlled by the mere tap of the fingertips shooting, dribbling, passing and more.


Excellent team forming options

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The prime attraction of the game is that of the team building by the gamers according to their dream choice.

  • There are three options that the game gives to form the powerhouse of a team – the Big Man lineups, the Defensive and the Two-Way.
  • To build up a dream team, there are the legendary players of the yesteryears as well as the big names in the current playing arenas that the gamers can choose from.
  • But in case you are going to play with a mind to win the matches, you will surely have to tap on the ability of the players to form the best team so that the team is truly a powerhouse of the best technical experts of the game. Few nba live mobile hack can be the best option for you.


Earning points and coins easy


Playing the season is the best experience that any gamer can have with the game as it helps in earning the points and also getting more updates on the players.

  • Winning the matches of the season means that there are more points to earn that in turn fetch the gamers the much-needed coins to trade the players pack of cards.
  • There is the wonderful auto-play option to play out at least five matches in the game so that there is less grind for the players.
  • Taking control of the games, however, becomes mandatory after a stage, and the gamer then gets the full control of the matches guiding the players to win and clinch more points.

Good rewards in store

Earning points in this game is not much of a problem once the gamers are willing to take advantage of the daily drills and the exercises that the players have to go through as in the real games. The rewards for completing the achievement levels are very high occasionally and will take care of most of the needs for resources. The only flip side that the game has is that the real rules of the game do not seem to apply for the fouls and the violations of the passing.