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The reason for the growing popularity of SimCity BuildIt is it’s greater than ever fan following. Everyone instantly gets to like this game, be it an old user or a new. With the best of its updated features and new techniques, EA has assigned it the top-notch status of being the most played game in the town. Building cities have never become more enjoyable. Breathing life into the cities you make is an exciting thing to do in itself. Gaming is totally an indispensable part of today’s world. In Mobile game, fans constitute a significant proportion of the success story. They are the entities who take these makers to the heights of success.

The beginning

Launched in October 2014, by Electronic Arts in the state of Canada, this game has witnessed a steady rise. Later, with the flight of consecutive achievements it has spread its roots to all parts of the world.

  • Compatible with all of the iOS and the Android systems, SimCity BuildIt has joined hands with the most popular platforms to ensure fame among the masses.
  • It draws ample similarities with SimCity (2013), but the awesomeness remains in this particular version because it is economically adjusted to address the tastes of a larger mass.
  • The freemium game is that which does not use any virtual currency. However, real money usage is allowed and accepted to get a better upgrading experience.


Avoiding the use of virtual currency has added other unique methods of game playing. Here, it is all about the construction and production of your city.

  • Your city is your utmost responsibility. Be it online or offline, or anywhere on the planet, you can always take a look at your creation.
  • The major credit lies in taking care of all the services provided to the city. Keeping the residents happy shall be one of the topmost priorities.
  • Some natural disasters are designed to hit your town, the major ones being earthquakes, meteor strikes, alien invasion, destructive tornadoes, etc.

Know your SimCity BuildIt better

Raw materials make a significant mark in the game. These do not require any money to make but are a bit time-consuming, essential in yielding high-value items. Hack simcity buildit if you want to skip the waiting for simoleons or simply purchase the resources from game developers.

  • Raw materials make use of the commercial buildings in the city of your creation. This process helps you to produce more than one item at a time.
  • With the use of factories, you can also make more than six useful items and sell them for your profit.
  • The makers have invested the game with some super functional social media features that enable the players to interact with other users.

Why it is different

These inter and intrastate interactions enhance the reputation of the game and help it grow more. SimCity BuildIt is the best choice to initiate those who are not much into mobile gaming. This game is unique because it instantly takes you to liking it. The challenges placed in front of the gamers help in yielding expert players. Getting to create unique goods and trading them accordingly with fellow players and other participants, mixes the virtual and the real world effortlessly. Creating and re-creating will play a vital part in your scale of progress.

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